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Lime Jack

CBD: 16-18%
THC: lower 1%

Brand name: CBD Logistics
42,00 CHF
Green Spirits - Lime Jack. Swiss Natural Quality Cannabis CBD. Green House production.
Special information: THC levels standardized according to the country of importation.
Green Spirits - Lime Jack female inflorescences of high quality Cannabis Sativa L., produced in Switzerland using organic methods, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical additives.
From the characteristic appearance of Green House production, with a decided odor, the feminine inflorescences CDB of Cannabis Sativa L. "LIME JACK" are among the best present on the retail market of the Hemp CBD in Switzerland and in Europe. Relaxation and guaranteed satisfaction.
All GREEN SPIRITS products undergo mandatory and strict quality controls by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Appearance: medium inflorescence, light in color
Aroma: taste and aftertaste decided. Excellent Standards
Consistency: compact
Perfect cleaning by hand.

Green Spirits - Original Lime Jack. Attention to imitations.

Swiss Federal Low
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