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CBD Logistics

CBD Logistics is, since the beginning of 2017, active in the development and distribution of Legal Cannabis and related Cannabis products in Switzerland and all the Countries of the World.
CBD Logistics
is a reference Partner for Wholesalers, Retailers and final Customers in the Legal and surrogate Hemp market. Attention to Green Friendly, to sustainable spirit, the awareness of the centrality of man in every single process and the complete respect of Nature distinguish our values, our vision and our mission.
CBD Logistics holds the tobacco brand Green Spirits.
CBD Logistics currently works with 14 internal and external employees.
Our Team is made up of People of different ethnicities and religious backgrounds.
CBD Logistics is a founding member of IG Hanf Schweiz, a Swiss trade association.
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Blue Dream

Range CBD: 12-15 % – THC: inf. 0.30%

Brand name: CBD Logistics
20,00 CHF



Green Spirits - Blue Dream. Swiss legal Cannabis CBD. Indoor production.

Low Level - CBD Range: 12-15% - THC: inf. 00:30%.

Special Information: THC levels standardized to the country of importation.

Green Spirits - Blue Dream feminine inflorescences of high quality Cannabis Sativa L., produced in Switzerland using organic methods, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical additives. From the compact and characteristic indoor look, the sticky consistency of the CDB female inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L. "BLUE DREAM" are among the best on the retail market of the CBD legal hemp in Switzerland and in Europe.

Appearance: medium-large inflorescences, light green color with brown pistils.

Aroma: exactly what we expect from an excellent indoor CBD. Intense aftertaste. Compact consistency.

Perfect cleaning by hand.

Green Spirits - Original Blue Dream. Attention to imitations.
Are they legal products?

The concentrations of the THC psychotropic active ingredient present in the legal hemp varieties of CBD Logistics comply with the levels prescribed by Swiss law and many other countries. The products are 100% legal.

Legal approved

Are they Swiss products?
We select only the best quality Cannabis grown in Switzerland. We verify the origin of the goods through rigorous checks on each production batch. We follow the green development policy through a production chain that meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We verify in detail the production methods, the qualities of the inflorescences, the process of harvesting, drying and conservation.

Are they natural products?
CBD legal Cannabis flowers - also female inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa, cultivated according to biological methods without the use of any pesticide, herbicide or chemical additive. Inflorescences are selected and cut by hand by a team of experts to achieve the highest quality and best meet the expectations of our partners. The individual processes are not forced, they happen with ways and times dictated by nature to get the best result in respect of the environment.

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The payment methods made available to our partners and customers are the best known on the e-commerce market:

Bank Transfer
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