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Brand name: CBD Logistics
2,50 CHF


Model: Elements King Size Slim long
Map size: 110 x 44 mm
Qty: 32 maps
Paper: ultra thin rice paper
Watermark of Criss Cross ® papers
No Chlorine
Vegan Product
Natural glue obtained from sugar gum

Elements King Size Slim long papers. Paper of type B with a weight of 12.0 g / m², therefore with low density and ultra-slow combustion.

They are pure papers, no chemical trace, no fibers or hemp, simply the purest rice paper in the world of maps. The glue is composed exclusively of sugar gum.

In addition, Elements uses a patented "Criss-Cross" watermark that allows the cigarette to burn slowly and evenly. While with normal maps it happens that one side burns faster, thanks to this crossed watermark the problem is solved.