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Set Elements with base

Excellent finish for a unique experience!

Brand name: CBD Logistics
3,50 CHF


Model: Elements Connoisseur King Size Slim + Tips
Paper size: 110 x 44 mm
Qty: 32 papers + 32 filters per Booklet
Paper: ultra thin rice paper paper
Watermark of Criss Cross ® maps
No Chlorine
Vegan Product
Natural glue obtained from sugar gum

Papers Elements with a base containing 32 papers and 32 filters in a practical cardboard box that can be closed with a magnet. Natural paper made from rice with glue obtained from rubber extracted from sugar.

This is an ultra thin 12.0 g / m2 Type A paper.

Elements ensures that the paper burns slowly and progressively without breaking down along the perimeter of combustion and without emitting ashes that you will see only comes from the burning rubber. To prevent it from burning too fast or unevenly, the papers are cross-woven.