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Tightvac 0.06 L

Materials stored thanks to the vacuum principle

Brand name: CBD Logistics
9,00 CHF


Content: 0.06 L
Measurements: height 2.7 cm, diameter 7 cm
Vacuum container for herbs and tobacco substitutes
Sturdy skeletal
High quality plastic

Materials stored thanks to the vacuum principle! Completely odorless!

The 0.06 L Vac space is a small, odorless vacuum container. With a volume of only 6 cl Tightvac fits your pocket!

After closing the box, you can rotate a bolt to create a powerful vacuum that ensures that no odor or material leaves the box. In this way you can store equipment and food of all kinds and keep them fresh longer. The box is completely odorless and hermetic. To travel safely! Proof of air, water and smell!