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Tightvac 1.3 L

Materials stored thanks to the vacuum principle

Brand name: CBD Logistics
25,00 CHF


Capacity: 1.3 liters
Measurements: height 20.1 cm, diameter 10.5 cm
Prevents infiltration of air, water and dust
Odor completely eliminated
Ideal container for fresh herbs and tobacco substitutes
Press the button to lock
Made of robust quality plastic

Materials stored thanks to the vacuum principle! Completely odorless!

When the box is closed, an extremely powerful vacuum is created which ensures that no odors leave the container. By pressing the suction button, air enters the box and the container can be opened very easily.

The TightVac 1.3 L container is an ideal container for tobacco and tobacco substitutes. With the touch of a button, the content is vacuum-packed and protected from air, water and odor. Ideal to protect your material at home and for all kinds of outdoor activities from air, water and dust.