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Vampire Heisenberg

Qty: 10 ml. Add max 15% aroma

Brand name: CBD Logistics
17,90 CHF


Liquid concentrate e-cigarettes Vampire taste Heisenberg. PG-based flavored concentrate for electronic liquids.

Qty: 30 ml - (addition of maximum 15% of aroma)
Excellent results with 8-10%

Sweet aromas: maturation time of approx. 2 weeks
Tobacco flavors: expiring approx. 2 weeks
Fruit flavors: maturation time of about 4 weeks
Citrus fruits: maturation times of 6 weeks

WARNING! It is a flavor and must be mixed with a base. It can also be used for food and drinks.

Ripening times
In order for the flavors in the liquid to develop their full flavor, we recommend observing the maturation times (at room temperature). Once the liquid has reached the desired taste, the liquid can be stored in a cool place to slow down the maturation.