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Vaporizer Mini Henail

Power: 1500 mAh 18500 Li-Ion

Brand name: CBD Logistics
159,00 CHF


Kit includes

1 Henail Mini with built-in 18500 / 1500mAh lithium-ion battery
1 Megentic stainless steel cap with Dab instrument
1 Mini glass connection
1 Titanium nail tool
1 Atomizer in cermic
1 Quartz Atomizer
1 USB charger
1 User Manual
1 Gift box

Charging time: 2 hours

Product description:

Henail Mini vaporizer is a smaller version of the classic Henail vaporizer.

No coil, power cord, torch or butane is required. Henail Mini vaporizer is a portable device with rechargeable battery, equipped with a ceramic heating system base and two temperature settings.

Each Henail Mini vaporizer includes a titanium head, ceramic and quartz tools to give an optimal tone to every experience.

Impress your friends with the vaporizer designed in the United States: another surrender, another sensation! Now you're ready for Dab!