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CannaSwiss Cup Jury-Box

Cannaswisscup 2018/19 - 35 limited edition Hemp CBD samples - 35 grams

Brand name: CBD Logistics
195,00 CHF
In view of the CannaSwiss Cup 2018/2019, we present the Jury-Box sampling set.

Order your Jury-Box immediately with 35 samples of 1gr each of CBD Hemp!
In each package you will also find 1 Jury-Card to vote online or directly to the Zurich Show (18 May 2019) your favorite quality, 2 Canna-Trade tickets valid for 3 days, 2 vouchers to buy drinks at the event.

It's a limited edition, hurry up!
CBD Logistics participates in the 2018/19 edition of the Jury-Box Concourse with 3 varieties: 1 indoor, 1 GreenHouse, 1 Outdoor.