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CBD coffee 125 gr

Coffee at CBD Cbd Logistics 125 gr with Hemp Sativa L.
extracted with CO2 method

Brand name: CBD Logistics
10,00 CHF


CBD Coffee CBD Logistics 125 g with Hemp Sativa L. oil extracted with CO2 method

Price: CHF 10.-

These are large and dense grains of coffee grown in the northern regions of Europe. Volcanic soils contribute to the formation of a thick flavor, a light aromatic acid and a characteristic fragrance.
Coffee at CBD of CBD Logistics 125gr refers to the type of Premium Coffee.


Quantity: 125 gr
Aroma / Taste: chocolate with berries, light aroma of Hemp
Body: medium fullness with a pleasant berry acidity, which is softened by the presence of Hemp extract.
Aftertaste: natural sweetness
Overall impression: very soft and intense flavor

Excellent cooking degree for the preparation with: filter, French Press, fully automatic, infusion of cups, AeroPress.

CBD Coffee CBD Logistics 125gr with Hemp oil extracted with CO2 method is packaged in a special package with zip closure