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CBD Gold +

CBD Oil 6% CBD - 50% CBD Oil - 50% Gold +

Brand name: CBD Logistics
29,90 CHF
CBD Oil 6% + Gold Monoatomic Gold +

Content: 10ml
CBD extract: 6% (600mg) active (5ml)
Monoatomic Gold +: 5ml
THC: less than 0.2%

CBD Oil Monoatomic Gold + is a plant extract.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, Hemp extract, pure magnesium, contains other cannabinoids and terpenes, THC less than 0.2%.

Benefits: particularly indicated for nervous relaxation, re-energizing and cell regenerator, mental and sexual stimulant. Contains CBD and monoatomic gold and other elements that make up the life energy.

Directions: shake well before use. Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Keep out of reach of children. Sale to minors under 18 years is forbidden. Do not swallow. THC less than 0.2%.