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The package contains 10 tests

Brand name: CBD Logistics
32,90 CHF


Technical data

Testing a passage (single use)
Easy to use
Results in a few seconds
Highly reliable and consistent
Accurate and sensitive
Safe and easy to use
No dangerous liquid reagents

EZ-Test THC - use

  1. Open the vial with the test reagent
  2. Enter the sample
  3. Let the ingredient mix
  4. Observe the color reaction and discard

This includes an information sheet, color charts and detailed instructions for use. Download the EZ test manual (English).
Only a small piece of material is required to perform the test.
Available in pack of 10.

A quick and simple test to verify the presence of THC in Hash, Marihuana, Hash oil etc.

EZ tests are quick and simple test kits that can tell you if a product contains the desired substance. It is an effective tool to identify adulterants and other potentially dangerous substances often present in the various types of substances.