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Green Spirits Prerolled Joints

100% additive-free Swiss Natural Cannabis

Brand name: CBD Logistics
180,00 CHF
The Green Spirits line presents its exclusive pre-rolled joint, without tobacco, without nicotine and without chemical additives. Each Joint is rolled manually and contains only infusescences of CBD Indoor Hemp. The Joint Green Spirits are individually packaged in practical hard transparent plastic tubes, specially created to preserve the aroma of CBD inflorescences. The Joint Green Spirits are ready to use and can be transported comfortably, without the risk of ruining them. Try it now!

The 20-piece pack has been designed not only to store the Joints, but also as a practical display, in fact inside it contains a handy drawer that allows you to extract them comfortably. Furthermore, in the upper part of the box, special holes have been created to expose the product in a simple and functional way.

This product is homemade in Switzerland, 100% Indoor Herb.
Green Spirits is active in the development and distribution of Cannabis CBD, starting from the very beginning! The attention to the Green friendly, to the sustainable Spirit, the awareness of the centrality of the human being in every single process and respect for Nature distinguish our Values, our Vision and our mission.

Product specifications
100% Herbal product. Tobacco, nicotine and chemical additive free
CBD content: 20-25%
THC content: <1%