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Pura Vida Tattoo Balm

Natural soothing balm for tattoos

Brand name: CBD Logistics
23,50 CHF
Designed to soothe swelling, relieve irritation during and after tattooing and rebuild the skin. It does not cause itching, swelling or irritation. It is a product created with 100% natural ingredients, without the addition of perfumes or chemical additives. Pura Vida tattoo Balm soothes the irritation that can be created when tattooing and helps the skin regenerate. Thanks to the properties of its natural ingredients, Pura Vida's Balm for tattoos is also suitable for applying on old tattoos, giving them new life and enhancing their colours.
Furthermore, it is an antibacterial product and prevents the formation of infections. It does not stick to your clothes and keeps the tattooed area moist for longer.
How to use: use the conditioner 24-48 hours after the tattoo. Apply a thin layer on the newly tattooed area to provide moisture.
It can be used in stencils, tattoos and post-treatment. Roll-Up Stick 30ml unique and easy to apply. No synthetic ingredients.
Product specifications:
Content: 30lm