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Santhica 27 Pure Seeds

Quantity: 50 g Santhica 27 Pure Seeds

Brand name: CBD Logistics
100,00 CHF
Product description:
Santhica pure seeds 27 Production: 2018

Packaging: 02.2018.

Pure seeds: 99.2% - germination: 20/30 degrees Celsius.

Normal Germinelli: 79% - Abnormal sprouts: 5% - Dead seeds: 18%.

Cannabis Sativa L.

Our regular hemp seeds are certified, natural completions, GMO-free.

No use of herbicides, pesticides or any chemical additives.

Sowing: from mid-April to the end of June. Flowering time: end of September - end of October.

Contents (average): THC <0.02% - CBD level: medium.

These seed varieties are suitable for tea bags, tobacco substitutes, CBD oil, hemp oil, beverages, textile and non-textile fibers, ointments, soaps and more.
CBD Seeds Quantity:
50 gr