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Sweet H-Crystal

CBD:17% - THC 0.7%

Brand name: CBD Logistics
39,90 CHF
4 g
Sweet H-Crystal with its bouquet of piney notes, has a sweet taste. For this reason it approaches the hint of berries, in addition to a subtle touch of Haze. The inflorescences of this variety have the highest concentration of natural terpenes in the whole range.
The H-Can inflorescences are all made in Switzerland, grown organically and without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. The cultivations of H-Can grow according to the will of Mother Nature!
All H-Can products are tested by a laboratory certified by the Swiss Confederation to ensure that the presence of THC within them respects the legal limit (less than 1%). All this to ensure maximum quality, with maximum safety!

Product specifications
CBD:17% - THC 0.7%. Grown up organically, worked entirely by hand.

Swiss Federal Low